Sitting at your desk doesn’t have to be a pain.

By Norman Evans

Doing these stretching exercises throughout your day can help you prevent health problems, increase your level of brain activity and reduce your overall stress levels without leaving your desk. Or airline seat, wherever you are. Don’t Wait Do It. Deskercise!

  1. Finger Taps – to prevent cramping. Especially in the iphone, blackberry, text this, tweat that era, where our thumbs are being redefined and overworked.

  2. Toe Taps – improves circulation and particularly useful in preventing cramping and deep vein thrombosis especially when flying. Drink lots of water thought the day too.

  3. C Saw – great for the release of back pain and pressure.

  4. Chicken Wing – Terrific stretch and tension reliever.

  5. Finger Curl – Strengthens finger joints for all of the texting, and tweating, keyboarding and mousing around at your desk 8 hours a day.

  6. Chair Ups – Done frequently throughout the day while waiting for files to download, will strengthen arms, chest and abdomen..

  7. Chicken Dance – alleviates shoulder tension.

  8. Palm Palms – practice this stretch and increase mobility.

  9. Praying Hands – great stretch that will help minimise Carpal Tunnel risk.

  10. Finger Splits – great for improving circulation.

  11. Standing Ovation – Done frequently besides increasing alertness, repetitively lifting your upper body weight has many healthy benefits.

  12. Tilts – this will reduce back and neck strain.